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I started this business many years ago with my oldest daughter. It is important to me to give our client’s and their families a trusted option to stay in their home.

My grandparents were hardworking and generous. Their 180 acres in Northern Michigan was their labor of love. No one left their home empty handed. We left each Sunday with baked goods, vegetables, eggs and flowers in warm months.

It was no surprise they wanted to stay in their home, and it was important to their children to support their decision. As years passed, they leased the land to neighboring farms, and the family helped with the garden, house, errands, appointments, and finances. As a young adult, my grandparent’s suffered from dementia. As my grandpa’s disease progressed, my grandma needed help caring for him overnight because he was up so much. Family took shifts. Eventually, they needed day time care as grandma’s mental and physical state drastically declined.

Grandpa moved to a nursing home where he lived the next 7 years without my grandma. In retrospect, home care would have allowed my grandparents to stay together, and home care would have been a wonderful support to us.

While family helped both day and night for many years, their needs became too much to manage. We needed help for our grandparents while the family was at work and school. Home care wasn’t available.
I started Choice Senior Home Care to offer senior’s great in home care. I want your family to have a trusted, compassionate option my family did not.


Our clients deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and integrity.

I first began working in the home health field while an undergraduate at the University of Michigan and continued as a graduate student at University of Michigan School of Social Work. I am a former Clinical Director of a 400 bed residential facility.

As Clinical Director, I supervised a staff of psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, internist, dentist and hygienist. I facilitated clinical training, developed specialized treatment programs with other professionals and collaborated on research to evaluate treatment programs.

I also worked as an outpatient therapist and researcher for University of Michigan Departments of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Social Work. I have been very fortunate in that I have always loved every job I have had. I appreciate listening and learning from others.

I now enjoy working with clients and their families. I find it so enriching to learn about each client’s unique experiences. Meeting and working with so many fascinating people with rich histories and stories to share is my inspiration.

My graduate school mentor, Dr. David Burton, Ph.D., once told me, “You don’t have to do something different to be successful, you just have to do it better.”

Better is what I strive to do each day. I want to provide better home care to care for our seniors. I want to hire and train better care professionals. I want to provide better supervision and treatment planning together with our care professionals. I want to offer better support to our family members.

I strongly believe what my Mom and I do matters. It is important work. I value our clients and care professionals equally. Our clients deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and integrity. I also believe once you reach a certain age, say 98, if you want ice cream for breakfast, you deserve it! Our care professionals also deserve to be treated with dignity, respect, integrity and every courtesy available.

When we first started our agency, my Mom and I would work shifts or be on call, especially with new starts of care. I have always worked by the notion that I would be willing to provide the same level of care or work in the same environment that I’m asking our care professionals to do. Essentially, I would never ask one of our care professionals to do anything I wouldn’t be willing to do myself.

People often ask, “So what’s it like working with your Mom?” I can honestly say it is a wonderful experience. Every day is different. At times our jobs are hard, especially during Covid. Working together brings us closer and it has been so successful for us. We have different strengths, and we complement each other very well. She has always stressed the importance of family as well as assisting others. In May 2022, we celebrated our 16 year anniversary, and we have so much more important work to do!

I’m proud to have built a business from the ground up with my Mom. I’m proud to be a role model for my two teenage sons. I know it’s important my sons see me work hard, adapt to different aspects of running a business and create something I am proud of. I appreciate the support of my husband and family because home care doesn’t always have regular hours!

“Stacey and her team bring years of experience and professionalism to the senior care space. I’ve been impressed by the level of care and comfort they are able to provide and the peace of mind it brings that our grandmother can age in place with her family.” 

Michael Mayernik