Schedule Free in Home Assessment

What can I expect from an in-home assessment from Kimberly or Stacey?

  • We will answer any questions or concerns you have about home care.
  • We will review care services ranging from companion care to memory care to hospice supportive care.
  • We will ask for information about:
    • Mobility
    • Medical conditions
    • Personal care needs
    • Household tasks
    • Cognition


For example, if a client cannot bear weight, it’s important for us to know we could only staff with one of our care professionals who can assist with a high lift and transfer client.

  • We will make recommendations on the appropriate level of care needed.
  • We will review our hiring and staffing practices.  Yes! We do national background checks as well as driving record checks.
  • We will explain our partnership with Honor which allows us to provide exceptional, personalized care.


An in-home assessment is an opportunity to learn about your expectations.  It helps our team make a good care professional match when we learn as much as possible about a potential client.

A thorough assessment allows our team to develop you or your loved one’s individualized care plan.  A care plan is a living document where we can measure progress, make changes, and reassess, as needed.  An assessment can take up to 90 minutes.  An additional meeting can always be arranged if 90 minutes is too long for you or your loved one.

Why Choose Us?

We do this because we know what a big decision it is to bring someone into your home, this is something we have first-hand experience with and why we founded our company.

We started this to provide better home care for loved ones and family members. Better home care means we need to be a part of the process at the beginning. The home assessment allows us the first step to finding that, and why it is only conducted by us (Kimberley or Stacey).

We believe better home care is possible.

Thank you for your time,

Kimberley & Stacey

Read more about our home care mission here.

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