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Honor Partnership

Respite Care in Michigan

A New Model for Better Care

Partnering with Honor allows us to provide the highest level of personalized care with more layers of support and unique technology that improves reliability and communication.

We’re able to give our clients and their families exceptional care and much more.

We know our clients personally and understand their needs.

Conduct an in-person Care Consult with client to design Care Plan and schedule.

Reassess the Care Plan as needed.

Do in-person check-ins and provide high-touch care management.

Honor adds their operations expertise and unique technology.

Recruits, trains, and manages caregivers.

Handles ongoing scheduling, billing, and insurance.

Provides 24/7 phone support and sends Care Notes after each visit.

Together, we work closely to ensure that our clients have the appropriate level of care—and are 100% satisfied with our service.

Why have we partnered with Honor?

As a local agency, we’ve built our reputation by providing the highest level of in-home care to older adults in our community. That hasn’t changed. And neither will our relationships with the people we care about—and care for. 

Honor is the industry leader in providing highly trained, reliable caregivers. And they’ve built some pretty amazing technology that helps caregivers be better at their job and communicate easily with family members.

Working with Honor increases our capabilities so we can better help families get the care they need—while improving reliability and the care experience for our clients. This collaboration works better for us and for you.

How it works.

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