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Healthcare Policies in Ann Arbor, Michigan

Choice Senior Home Care Professionals

We take the safety and health of our clients, their families, and our staff very seriously. Choice Senior Home Care wants to ensure a safe environment for everybody. 

We expect our staff to follow all of our safety protocols and do their part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and all of its variants. 

Strict Check-In Protocols

Before any of our care pros can clock in to do a shift they will be screened by a series of questions regarding the status of their health. If any of their answers could be a potential risk for our clients the caregiver will not be able to clock in before we physically clear them.

Mask Safety

Before every shift, we provide our care pros with a single-use KN95 mask.

Advanced PPE Training

All of our care pros are properly trained both in donning and doffing personal protective equipment, such as, gloves, masks, and other forms of protection.

Care Benefits and Support System

We have taken the necessary steps to make sure that our care pros and other staff have incentives to participate in our protocols by boosting our paid sick leave program and keeping valuable resources on hand for any of our care pros to access when they need them.

Enhanced Communication Structure

Communication is a crucial element in our fight against COVID-19. We have enhanced the way that we communicate with our clients and our professionals. By opening more lines of communication between us, our staff, and our clients we have been able to broaden the way we connect with each other. We utilize text messages, email, and phone calls so that we can always have a direct line for our care pros, our clients, and the families of clients.


Our staff is dedicated to keeping all clients and the surrounding community safe during these trying times. 

We want to assure you that we are doing our part to keep you and everybody that we come into contact with safe. As this situation continues to evolve, we remain focused on the solution by staying informed and taking all of the precautionary measures that are suggested by the CDC and other healthcare professionals.

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