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Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia can affect every aspect of a person’s life. It can diminish the ability to understand, reason, and communicate; it can alter behavior, emotions and moods. It also can have detrimental effects on physical health. It’s a difficult and stressful time for seniors and their families.

Choice Senior Home Care can help preserve the quality of life of a person with Alzheimer’s by providing respectful, dignified care in the familiar surroundings of home. Whether home is a house, apartment, assisted living, independent living, or a residential care facility, we are dedicated to helping you or your loved one lead the most dignified, independent lifestyle.

Our dependable caregivers care for clients with Alzheimer’s in a compassionate manner in all stages of the disease. We understand that routine and familiarity are important and are prepared to handle the changing moods and behaviors that can accompany the disease. We provide the following services, and many others, during their visits:

• Safety supervision
• Companionship
• Personal care services
• Assistance with personal hygiene and grooming and eating
• Accompany to meals, events, appointments, etc.
• Mind-stimulating activities such as games and discussions
• Social interaction opportunities
• Physical and social cues
• Support with activities that maximize independence
• Nutritious meal preparation
• Light exercise

Our specialized care makes a difference for families in need of respite services, specifically. Alzheimer’s also affects the family and friends of someone with the disease. A person with Alzheimer’s often requires around-the-clock care, putting physical and emotional demands on family caregivers that, at times, can be overwhelming.

It is important to know that help is available. Employing the trusted, professional services of Choice Senior Home Care gives family caregivers much needed opportunities to take time to themselves with the peace of mind that their loved one is being cared for by a compassionate, experienced caregiver.