From understanding your insurance coverage to submitting the paperwork, insurance can be tough — we’re here to help.

We understand filling out insurance forms can be a confusing and daunting task. Our team of professionals has years of experience navigating insurance claims, and we’re here to help you manage the entire process. Choice Senior Home Care accepts all long-term insurance and will conduct a call with your family member and the insurance company to clarify your policy, determine coverage rates, and quantify any out-of-pocket costs. Then, we handle and submit your insurance paperwork and collect payment directly from the insurer. By doing this, we hope to save you time and frustration — while limiting your out-of-pocket costs.

Our rates for service depend on the level of care required to keep your family member safe and comfortable.  Rates range from $20-$25 per hour.  Higher rates include wound care and caring for couples.  We are able to provide care during, day, evening, weekend and holiday hours — on an hourly basis.